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everything you need to track your progress

we’ve put together a few resources you can use
to track your Romanceopoly progress

You will need a PDF Reader on your computer to open these files.  Click here to download if you don’t have one.

Instruction Sheet

Click here to download

Challenges List

Click here to download

Printable Idea Cards

Click here to download

Romanceopoly Board

Note: The boards come in one size only. You can use the image file in any way you need to print. We are no longer offering individual sizes.

Digital Planner

This can either be printed on 8-1/2″x11″ paper or imported into a Notes app like GoodNotes to digitally work on. This planner download includes 4 different covers with options for skin and hair color. Same, it includes all the above board options. Once you download it and import into your note app, simply delete the cover and board pages you don’t want. Some templates can be found at the very end for Monthly calendars, Review page, Daily Reading tracker and dot grid paper to use as a bullet journal if needed. You can duplicate those pages as many times as needed.

Click here to download


Click here to access the challenge and track your books there!

Digital Tracking Database

  • Airtable (Use the “Copy Base” button on the top left corner to import this template into your own Free Airtable account so you can edit)
  • Notion (Use the “Duplicate” button on the top right corner to import this template into your own Free Notion account so you can edit)