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Romance Books with Bar Tenders!

Welcome to Romanceopoly, the yearly reading challenge . You’ve landed at The Bar, where your challenge is to read a book where the main character works at or owns a bar.


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Has anyone else gone out for a drink and ended up madly in love (or lust maybe?) with the bartender? I know I have. There’s just something about someone serving me a delicious drink in a tight black t-shirt that does things to me. So, seeing my bartender fantasies being brought to life by my favourite authors is a treat. So, for this challenge we want you to read a book where at least one of the main characters either works at or owns a bar.

Genre only challenge

Alternatively, if you are doing the genre-only version of the challenge, then the genre assigned to The Bar is: Sci Fi. To find some of our favourite sci fi romances, you can check out the below lists on our site Under the Covers Book Blog

The recommendations


by Sarina Bowen

Brief synopsis

Zara and Dave had a fling when he was in Vermont on vacation.  Their agreement was simple.  No strings, lots of fun, no contact afterwards.  He was never even allowed to sleep over to avoid emotional entanglements.  When he left and she found out shortly thereafter she was pregnant, finding him became an impossible task.  She also never told anyone who was her daughter’s father.  Until now, two years later, Dave walks back into her life and both their lives are shaken up.


Sweet Dreams
by Kristen Ashley

Brief synopsis

Lauren has move to Carnal to lose her self in a small town and get away from the life she was leading before. A life where she found out her husband had been cheating on her for five years with her best friend. But as time goes on she begins to love her new life and new friends in Carnal, and can’t stop thinking about her surly boss Tate…

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Any Duchess Will Do
by Tessa Dare


Griffin York, the Duke of Halford, has no desire to wed this season—or any season—but his diabolical mother abducts him to “Spinster Cove” and insists he select a bride from the ladies in residence. Griff decides to teach her a lesson that will end the marriage debate forever. He chooses the serving girl.

Overworked and struggling, Pauline Simms doesn’t dream about dukes. All she wants is to hang up her barmaid apron and open a bookshop. That dream becomes a possibility when an arrogant, sinfully attractive duke offers her a small fortune for a week’s employment. Her duties are simple: submit to his mother’s “duchess training”… and fail miserably.

But in London, Pauline isn’t a miserable failure. She’s a brave, quick-witted, beguiling failure—a woman who ignites Griff’s desire and soothes the darkness in his soul. Keeping Pauline by his side won’t be easy. Even if Society could accept a serving girl duchess—can a roguish duke convince a serving girl to trust him with her heart?


by Alice Clayton

Brief synopsis

Caroline moves into a new apartment that she has sublet from her boss.  She soon discovers that she shares a bedroom wall with the neighbour and that he has the habit of having sex with multiple women and when he does he likes to bang the walls.  Literally.  As in picture frames on her side of the room falling on her head type of wall banging.  Simon, the Wall banger, turns out to be her boss’ fiancé’s friend and they formally meet at a social event and develop a true friendship. 


Protecting What’s His
by Tessa Bailey

Brief synopsis

Ginger Peet and her teenager sister, Willa are through with putting up with their mother’s crap. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Ginger faces temptation when she finds a purse that holds $50,000 in it. For her and her sister, that purse holds a future where they can run away from their negligent mother and finally live life on their own terms. Acting on survival instincts, Ginger takes the money, her sister and their coveted Dolly Parton statue and leave Nashville for Chicago. All is good until she meets her arrogant and annoying neighbour Derek Tyler…who also happens to be a cop.


Seduction & Snacks
by Tara Sivec

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Brief synopsis

Claire never wanted children, so getting knocked up after losing her V card after a one night stand at a frat party at the age of 20 wasn’t part of her life plan. But 4 years later she is happy and her funny, adorable demon child firmly entrenched in her heart and although she still daydreams about her baby daddy (she really should have caught his name!) she never expected to see him again. Until she sees his eyes drunkenly staring at her from across the bar she works in…

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